Apply for e-VISA To Enter Bali During Covid 19 Pandemic

During these hard times, getting a VISA to enter Bali has become a bit more difficult, due to Covid-19 restrictions. We at Zando Consultants can help you get this VISA fast and without any hassle. We pride ourselves on very high approval rates at the immigration office and lots of satisfied customers

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Indonesian 211 e-VISA

The 211 e-VISA allows you to stay up to 60 days in Indonesia. If you want to stay more than 60 days, you can extend this visa up to 4 times, each extension having 30 days

Due to recent events caused by Covid-19, foreigners can enter Indonesia with B211A single entry e-Visa only for these specific reasons:

e-VISA application required documents

There are a few documents required when applying for a VISA. Check out the list bellow:

The process of getting the e-VISA with us

Fill out the Visa application form on our website

The first step is to complete the application form on our website here. Once we receive it and the payment is complete, we proceed to the next step

We go with your application at the Imigration Office

We prepare all your documents and start the application process at the  Immigration Office. The processing time with priority is 1-3 business days

We send your e-Visa to your email address

After approval, you will receive the visa by email. You will show it to the immigration officer upon arrival, along with Covid-19 negative result certificate

From the day the Visa is issued, you have 90 days to enter Indonesia.

In order to enter Indonesia :

Mandatory application for any travelers from emerging diseases affected countries or areas.

The Indonesian government obligates you to fill out eHAC as an effort to detect, prevent, and control Public Health Emergencies through Point of Entries (Airports, Seaports, and Ground Crossing Border Posts).

Please follow the health quarantine procedures at the Airports/ Seaport/ Ground Crossing Border Post of arrival. If you complain any symptoms as stated in eHAC, immediately report to Indonesian Local Port Health Authorities. Download the application here


1 - 3 Business Days

7.5 Million I  D  R