Multiple Business Visa

Multiple Business Visa

Arranging visa to bali for every single business trip can be expensive and time-consuming. If commercial activities in Bali require your or company’s representative presence on a regular basis, then it might be wise to opt for Multiple Entry Business Visa in Bali rather than any other type of visa

The importance of your presence

Every entrepreneur who carries out their activities in Southeast Asia recognizes the importance of close relationship with local partners. Speaking about Indonesia and Bali especially, it cannot be truer anywhere else than here. After establishing a business in Bali, you might want to build a strong awareness of your brand. Not only within the prospective clients, but you will also want to build awareness among suppliers and partners.

Multiple Business Visa is valid if presented within 90 days from the date of issuance. It can be used for several entries into Indonesia with no more than 60 days per visit. A multiple entry business visa only valid for the total length of one year. In addition, you can use this visa for establishing new business relationships, negotiations, attending seminars or conferences, and other business-related activities that do not involve actual employment.

Zando can facilitate and speed up the whole procedure by becoming your sponsor in Bali and handling all the documents mentioned above on your behalf.

What to bear in mind when applying for multiple entry business visa in bali

This type of visa does not allow any kind of work or activities for remuneration

Despite its total validity of one year, the holder has to leave the country the latest after 60 consecutive days of his or her stay in Indonesia

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