Social Cultural Visa

Social Cultural Visa (Single Entry)

Social Cultural Visa is issued to travellers who intend to visit Indonesia for: Lecture, short Internship program, Short Courses, Arts, Meetings, Volunteer Program, Sport Activities, visiting family and other related Social activities.

Social Cultural Visa (Single Entry) will allow you a maximum stay of 60 (sixty) days for each visit. This type of visa can be extended at the Indonesian Immigration Office up to 4 (four) times, with each extension for a maximum of 30 (thirty) days each time.

If you are travelling for less than 30 days, you may be eligible for a Free Visit Entry Stamp. If you have a travel document, or have a passport from select countries, you will need to apply for a Calling Visa (Telex).

Unless you choose to apply for a visa through Indonesia Embassy in Singapore then you can use an agent where the documents you need are only sponsorship letters and do not need to apply for a Calling Visa (Telex).

Once issued, a Visa must be used within 90 (ninety) days from the Date of Issuance.

Single Entry Visa means that you are allowed to enter Indonesia one time before the visa expiration date. The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia may issue a Single Entry Visa for up to 60 days stay.

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